3 August, 2021

Local Matters

 Please note the new location of Foodbank in Echuca is at Echuca Neighbourhood House.

Our church bulletin ‘Marketplace Matters’ can be downloaded from the ‘What’s On’ tab for information about local church happenings in the coming weeks.

 Please contact the office 54821430  if you would like to assist in Prayer Vine Ministry


  • WEBSITE EDITOR for maintaining up-to-date information on the church website. Attention to detail and good grammatical skills required!! Only a basic knowledge of internet and websites is required, although any proficiency in this area would be warmly welcomed! Enquiries to the church office or email lenne@westnet.com.au

  • MUSICIANS who would like to perform or accompany during worship. Pianists/organists/  keyboard players particularly needed.

  • If you are already fairly skilled  in a keyboard instrument and are interested in learning to play the organ or clavichord, please contact Karen or inquire at the church office.